A comparison of the political theories of plato and aristotle two greek philosophers

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Ancient Greek Skepticism

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Ancient Political Philosophy

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Comparing the Similarities and Differences Between Plato and Aristotle

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Charge might have to make the political but its earliest calling soared above it. 1. Aristotle’s Life. Born in B.C.E. in the Macedonian region of northeastern Greece in the small city of Stagira (whence the moniker ‘the Stagirite’), Aristotle was sent to Athens at about the age of seventeen to study in Plato’s Academy, then a pre-eminent place of learning in the Greek world.

Comparing the political theories of any two great philosophers is a complex task. Plato and Aristotle are two such philosophers who had ideas of how to improve existing societies during their. Plato: Organicism. Organicism is the position that the universe is orderly and alive, much like an organism.

According to Plato, the Demiurge creates a living and intelligent universe because life is better than non-life and intelligent life is better than mere life. It is the perfect animal. Politics of Plato and Aristotle To compare the political theories of two great philosophers of politics is to first examine each theory in depth.

Many experts regard Plato as the first writer of political philosophy, and Aristotle is recognized as the first political scientist. Plato, student of Socrates, and Aristotle, student of Plato, two of the most influential philosophers to have ever walked the earth, take two completely different approaches whilst talking about the formation of city states and epistemology itself.

The two Platonic themes of superior political knowledge and, expressed particularly in his Laws, political participation, also structure the political thought of Aristotle (– BCE), who studied in Plato's Academy as a youth and researched there for many years thereafter.

A comparison of the political theories of plato and aristotle two greek philosophers
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