A history of the marriage of henry viii and catherine of aragon

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Henry VIII

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Catherine of Aragon

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Anne Boleyn’s Marriage to Henry VIII

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8 Things You May Not Know About Henry VIII

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Henry’s Divorce from Catherine

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Katherine of Aragon (16 December – 7 January ; Spanish: Catalina de Aragón) was Henry's first wife. Although her name is sometimes spelled Catherine, Katherine of Aragon spelled and signed her name with a "K," which was the accepted spelling in England.

After the death of Arthur, her first husband and Henry's brother, a papal dispensation was obtained to enable her to marry Henry. Before Henry VIII married Catherine of Aragon he received a Papal Bull from the Pope agreeing that Henry could marry his dead brother’s (Prince Arthur) wife. When Henry and Catherine married in June both were Roman Catholics.

Catherine of Aragon was the youngest surviving child of Ferdinand and Isabella, the joint rulers of Spain, and as was common for princesses of the day, her parents almost immediately began looking for a political match for her.

When she was three year old, she was betrothed to Arthur, the son of Henry VII of England. Arthur was not even quite. King Henry VIII marries five more times after his divorce from his first wife Catherine of Aragon.

Find information on The Tudors and Tudor History, events like the Wars of the Roses and the Protestant Reformation and famous figures such as Henry VIII, Henry VIII's wives, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots and more.

Posted By Claire on July 28, On this day in history, the 28th July *, Henry VIII married Catherine Howard. Henry VIII was 49 and Catherine was about 20 and it was again a love match, well, on Henry’s side anyway.

The Wedding of Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales and Catherine of Aragon A history of the marriage of henry viii and catherine of aragon
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