A report on the spanish american war and its outcome

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Spanish American War -

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Spanish-American War

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The American victory led to the Spooner Act, which allowed the United States to buy the Spanish company that had already begun work on the instituteforzentherapy.com: Resolved.

The Spanish-American War timeline. Key US History events and dates Republican Senator Redfield Proctor from Vermont returns from a trip in Cuba to report on his observations. He calls for Congress and the U.S. business community to declare war against Spain.

U.S. Naval Court of Inquiry releases a report pronouncing that a Spanish mine.

Spanish-American War and the Philippine-American War, 1898-1902

The Revolutionary war ended with the Treaty of Paris in In that treaty, Britain recognized American Independence and agreed to withdraw its soldiers from the US. The US then grew into a large representative democracy that today is one of the most powerful in the world.

For more on how we got. On April 21,the United States declared war against Spain. The causes of the conflict were many, but the immediate ones were America's support of Cuba's ongoing struggle against Spanish rule and the mysterious explosion of the U.S.S.

Maine in Havana Harbor. The Spanish-American War marked a new beginning for the United States, Cuba and Spain. These countries where affected by the war because the Spanish American war would end the Spanish Empire, create a new one, and give a colony its independence.

WHAT STARTED THE WAR The Spanish American war was about Cubin Independence. After winning the Spanish-American War ofand with the newly acquired territory of the Philippine Islands, the United States increased its Asian presence and was expecting to further its commercial and political interest in China.

A report on the spanish american war and its outcome
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