An overview of the causes of stress and injuries in the workplace

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Top 10 Causes of Workplace Injuries

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Repetitive Stress Injuries in the Workplace: An Overview for Employees

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Top Causes for Workplace Injuries

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These injuries are known as repetitive stress injuries, and carpal tunnel syndrome is a common example of such injuries.

Work-related stress

The Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety. There are many strategies that can help control of stress and reduce its impact to a person or in the workplace.

Since the causes of workplace stress vary greatly, so do the strategies to reduce or prevent it. Where stress in the workplace is caused, for example, by a physical agent, it is best to control it at its source.

Repetitive Motion Injuries - This type of workplace injury is one of those less obvious but definitely harmful ones in the long run. Repetitive motions such as typing and using the computer 24/7 can strain muscles and tendons causing back pain, vision problems, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Repetitive Stress Injuries in the Workplace: An Overview for Employees

Who is at Risk for a Repetitive Stress Injury? Most people associate RSIs with working at a computer. Given how many jobs regularly require using a keyboard, mouse, and/or touchscreen, it’s no surprise that computer-related cumulative injuries to the hands, wrists, and arms are widespread.

Computer-Related Repetitive Stress Injuries Kids often spend hours at the computer. So it's important for parents to know about the causes of repetitive stress injuries and how to prevent them.

Jun 22,  · The most common repetitive stress injuries involve trauma to the upper extremities, including the wrists, elbows, and hands. Repeated turning of the head can also lead to repetitive stress injuries to the neck and shoulders, while constant lifting can cause trauma to the instituteforzentherapy.comon: Camino Del Rio S Suite San Diego, CA, United States.

An overview of the causes of stress and injuries in the workplace
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