Balanced scorecard dissertation

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Balanced Scorecard Dissertation

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Balanced Scorecard Dissertation

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The balanced scorecard - Dissertation Example

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This dissertation work focuses on application of the Balanced Scorecard on the level of human resources management in financial sector with aim to fulfill HR goals i. e.

within organization´s strategy. Balanced Scorecard Dissertation. Venkatesha ( as cited in Venkatesh & Dutta, ) compares and finds a lot of differences in the work-culture between the teachers of postgraduate departments of universities with those of colleges.

Economics, (hereinafter: FELU), declare that I am the author of the doctoral dissertation entitled The Balanced Scorecard Approach for Sustainable Performance in an Uncertain Future: The Case of Climate Change), written under supervision of dr.

Metka Tekavčič and co-supervision of Robert S. Kaplan. The main subject should be the balanced scorecard although it is not completely defined yet.

I am actually looking for some experts for answering some questions and giving me some advices. If some of you are interested in taking part of my dissertation, then let me know, I would be really pleased.

Lee, Ju Yup, "Combining balanced scorecard and data envelopment analysis in kitchen employees performance measurement: An exploratory study" (). Graduate Theses and Dissertations. Implementation of the Balanced Scorecard - the Case of Plava Laguna J.S.C.", 89 bound pages, that I have only used the given sources and resources and have .

Balanced scorecard dissertation
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