Contribution of the colonial and revolutionary

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Valley Forge

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Literature and the Arts in the Revolutionary Era

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He pointed out for a long time to the British Government that taxation without representation was a principle upon which America stood firmly. The Sugar Act - April 5, The Sugar Act, also known as the American Revenue Act ofwas one of a series of causes leading up to the American Revolutionary British government passed a series of acts over the course of thirty years or so that made the American colonists increasingly angry.

Spanish Contribution to the American Revolutionary War Spain's role in the American Revolutionary War was extremely important throughout the New World, but particularly in the military conflict in the present American Gulf-coast/ southern states.

Even before the struggle for American independence ended, two contrasting views of the role of the Revolutionary militia had emerged. Popular opinion, remembering the gallant stand of the Minutemen at Concord and Lexington, held fast to the ideal of the brave citizen soldier as the mainstay of defense.

Roles of Colonial Militia and Continental Army in Winning the Revolutionary War When the fighting at Lexington and Concord broke out inthe conflict unleashed a flood of resentment that had been building over the right of the colonies to govern themselves.

Spain's role in the independence of the United States was part of its dispute over colonial supremacy with the Kingdom of Great declared war on Britain as an ally of France, itself an ally of the American colonies, and provided supplies and munitions to the American forces.

Contribution of the colonial and revolutionary
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