Different types and applications of natural ventilation in buildings

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Natural ventilation

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Understanding Building Construction Types: Truck Co Operations

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Without comfort ventilation, adequate air exchange in new buildings can only take place by means of regular purge ventilation. In order to achieve an air exchange of about ach (air change per hour), one would have to open the windows wide for 5 to 10 minutes every three hours – even at night!

Arched window types have rounded tops that add an architectural design to any home. Most arched windows do not open or close and are often installed above standard windows that provide ventilation.

Some arched windows can open the same way a casement window does. In some buildings, natural ventilation is insufficient or impossible, so mechanical ventilation system must be used.

This is the most common home ventilation system. Mechanical ventilation is the one in which some mechanical arrangements are made to increase the rate of air flow. Natural ventilation used to be the most common method of allowing fresh outdoor air to replace indoor air in a home.

Today, it’s usually not the best ventilation strategy, especially for homes that are properly air sealed for energy efficiency. Very broadly, ventilation in buildings can be classified as ‘natural’ or ‘mechanical’.

Mechanical (or forced) ventilation is driven by fans or other mechanical plant.

Types of Ventilation Systems

Natural ventilation is driven by pressure differences between one part of a building and another, or .

Different types and applications of natural ventilation in buildings
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