Domestic debt and the nigerian economy

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The Structure Of Domestic Debt And Its Impact On Nigeria Economy, (1970 – 2009)

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Rebasing of Nigeria GDP

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Nigeria Spends N646bn On Domestic Debt Servicing

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For the opening of this process, the null hypothesis Ho and thesis Hi are likely. External debt. InNigeria's external debt was an estimated $ billion and N trillion domestic - putting total debt at $44 billion. In AprilNigeria became the first African country to fully pay off its debt owed to the Paris Club.

This was structured as a debt writeoff of approximately $18 billion and a cash payment of approximately $12 billion. This paper empirically examined the impact of domestic debt on economic growth of Nigeria for the period using annual time series data on variables as gross domestic product, treasury bonds, development stocks, federal government of Nigeria bonds and interest rate, sourced from the Central Bank of Nigeria Statistical Bulletin, This study tends to analyze the domestic debt structure of the 3 tiers of government and its impact on the Nigerian economy by evaluating the major domestic debt instruments which include treasury bills, treasury certificate, development stock in proportion to Gross Domestic Product.

According to the data, Nigeria’s public debt stock as at March 31 stood at N trillion with external debt of the Federal Government, states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) at Ntr. Domestic debt of the Federal Government stood at Ntr, while domestic debt.

The findings of the multivariate Vector Autoregression model revealed that domestic debt plays an important role in the growth process of Nigerian economy judging from the high R 2 () and.

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Nigerian Public Debt – A Comparative Analysis

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Domestic debt and the nigerian economy
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Nigerian Public Debt – A Comparative Analysis