Erosion and the lost of lives at the shoreline

What is shoreline erosion?

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Erosion and flooding of Lake Michigan's coastline have resulted in extensive damage to domestic, recreational, and industrial facilities. As the result of fluctuating water levels in the Great Lakes, hundreds of millions of dollars have been lost by the 40 million people and by the many industries vital to our economy that are located in the Great Lakes Basin.

Jul 03,  · Coastal erosion—the loss of shoreline sediment - is a complex process that continuously reshapes the shoreline and can threaten coastal property. With approximatelystructures located within feet of the nation’s shoreline, erosion is a problem many U.S.

coastal communities must address. Environmentally Sustainable: Shoresox is the one erosion control system that has been designed and bioengineered to be % eco-friendly.

Its materials are all bio- and photo-degradable and it actually becomes part of the shoreline that it protects.

Guideline 5 – Reducing Erosion & Landslides

To mitigate coastal erosion, the federal government spends an average of $ million every year on beach nourishment and other shoreline erosion control measures.1 In addition to beach erosion, more than 80, acres of coastal wetlands are lost annually—the equivalent of seven football fields disappearing every hour of every.

DCR’s Shoreline Erosion Advisory Service promotes environmentally acceptable erosion control measures to protect private property and reduce sediment in the Chesapeake Bay.

In addition, the program promotes research for improved shoreline management techniques. Jul 03,  · Coastal erosion—the loss of shoreline sediment - is a complex process that continuously reshapes the shoreline and can threaten coastal property.

With approximatelystructures located within feet of the nation’s shoreline, erosion is a problem .

Erosion and the lost of lives at the shoreline
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