Mayans devotion to community and belief helps them survived over the millenium

The Rise of Universal Religions, 300–600 CE

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List of book-burning incidents

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The Rise and Drive of Maya Reliability. This scenario places you on the throne of a powerful Maya Kingdom in BC, and allows you to guide your people through the rise and fall of classical Maya civilization. You have until AD ( Turns) to unify the Maya as they never were in history, either by capturing all rival capitals or founding a unified Maya religion and spreading it to every city.

The Maya have faced formidable challenges, some of which continue today, but the traits that held the maya together, their devotion to their community and belief system, will help them survive. The Rise of Universal Religions, – CE. The Sasanians learned military techniques from central Asia and technologies from South Asia that gave them advantages over the Roman armies.


Warfare both helped the Mayans to survive, as one kingdom fell while another emerged, but also over time escalated into larger, more destructive wars. Only six of them have survived intact to the present day.

At the abbey of the Augustinian Friars at York, a library of volumes was destroyed, leaving only three surviving books.

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Some books were destroyed for their precious bindings, others were sold off by the. Rather, Mesopotamian religion was a consistent and coherent tradition which adapted to the internal needs of its adherents over millennia of development.

[1] The earliest undercurrents of Mesopotamian religious thought date to the mid 4th millennium BC, and involved the worship of forces of nature as providers of sustenance. Many cults appeal to that kind of belief and offer a religious system based on all kinds of superstitions which they call ``faith''.

If you are not saved, it is quite easy to fall into either of the two traps.

Mayans devotion to community and belief helps them survived over the millenium
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