Mba thesis done on mutual fund investment style and the performance

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Investing in your 20s & 30s For Dummies cuts to the chase by providing emerging professionals, like yourself, the targeted investment advice that you need to establish your own unique investment style. A mutual fund is a common pool of money into which investors with common investment objectives place their contributions that are to be invested, in accordance with the stated objective of the scheme.

A mutual fund is an investment company that sells shares and uses the proceeds to manage a portfolio of secu- Information on mutual fund performance.

Chapter Mutual Fund Operations Comparison to Depository Institutions. Measuring Performance I promised you a description of average versus cumulative, and this is as good a place as any to give it. Determining your true return is often done, at least in the case of the mutual fund, once.

and it can be done with Mutual Funds

Performance is a measurable quantity. The aim of this thesis is to undertake an empirical assessment of the managerial performance of mutual funds utilising a three-stage DEA-SFA-DEA methodology which combines linear mathematical programming (DEA) and stochastic frontier analysis (SFA).

Study of working of mutual fund & identify the various factors considered by the customer while going for investment in Mutual Fund A report submitted towards the partial fulfillment of the requirements of the two years full-time MBA.

Mba thesis done on mutual fund investment style and the performance
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