Should same sex couples be offered the same rghts and benefits as their straight counterparts

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Same Sex Couples\' Legal Rights

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Financial issues unique to same-sex couples

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Not all idioms are available in all students. Should gay and straight couples have the same legal benefits? Marriage comes with many legal benefits. In the United States, there are over 1, rights associated with married heterosexual couples, many of which are not available to homosexual couples.

Gay Couples Should Have the Same Rights As Married Couples Professor PHI June 6, Same-sex marriage is a topic that has become increasingly more debatable throughout time.

These laws confer rights, protections, and benefits to married couples -- from Social Security survivor benefits to federal tax benefits to federal employee health and retirement benefits. Here are some of the federal benefits that same-sex married couples may now receive (subject to the specific federal agency's rule for determining eligibility).

Since the Supreme Court's decision in Obergefell, same-sex spouses have the same rights and benefits as legally married opposite-sex couples, including tax relief, emergency medical decision-making power, access to domestic relations laws, spousal benefits (including workers' compensation), inheritance rights, and spousal testimonial privilege.

Sep 07,  · The Health Insurance Surprise Facing Some Same-Sex Couples offered health care benefits to same-sex partners in civil unions and only 48 percent did for same-sex domestic partners Author: Kerry Hannon. Same-sex couples in all states will now enjoy spousal and survivors benefits.

As the system currently stands, couples in same-sex marriages are shut out of a lot of Social Security benefits.

Should same sex couples be offered the same rghts and benefits as their straight counterparts
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