Social influence and the branch davidians

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Waco Branch Davidians Siege

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Branch Davidians

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History of Religion in America

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Size and Influence of the New Apostolic Reformation NAR Churches and Organizations. Many people will not recognize this movement by its formal name — the “New Apostolic Reformation” — including even many of the movement’s participants.

Mar 24,  · Waco siege 20 years on: the survivor's tale Livingstone Fagan took his family from Britain to live with the self-declared Messiah David Koresh in Waco, Texas, where his wife and mother died.

David Koresh and the Branch Davidians Viewpoints David Koresh Teaching followers. Koresh preached he was the Messiah and that if his followers obeyed his words, they would enter with him into the kingdom of heaven.

The. Several contemporary groups, collectively termed Hindu reform movements or Hindu revivalism, strive to introduce regeneration and reform to Hinduism, both in a religious or spiritual and in a societal movements started appearing during the Bengali renaissance.

The religious aspect mostly emphasizes Vedanta tradition and mystical interpretations of Hinduism ("Neo-Vedanta"), and the. Social Influence and the Branch Davidians Social Influence And The Branch Davidians Abstract I examined compliance gaining strategies used by David Koresh to influence his followers.

His claim to be Jesus Christ himself, and his promise to grant his followers eternal life, was highly effective in obtaining his followers compliance.

Ramakrishna Mission

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Social influence and the branch davidians
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Joining a "Cult": Religious Choice or Psychological Aberration?