The deaths caused by hurricane katrina and police brutality in america

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New Orleans police on trial over killing in chaos following Hurricane Katrina

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New Orleans reaches settlements for police shootings after Hurricane Katrina

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Michael told the court that in the explicit aftermath of the hurricane there was only a disjointed investigation of the shooting and that she just intimidated not to implicate a clear officer. Dec 19,  · NEW ORLEANS — Surrounded by victims’ families, City Council members and senior police leaders, Mayor Mitch Landrieu of New Orleans announced Monday that the city had reached $ million in civil settlements pertaining to three major police brutality cases from the weeks before and after Hurricane Katrina.

The Deaths Caused by Hurricane Katrina and Police Brutality in America ( words, 2 pages) Katrina and Police BrutalityHurricane Katrina was one of the top. New Orleans police on trial over killing in chaos following Hurricane Katrina Case is one of many dealing with alleged police corruption and brutality amid the law and order breakdown after.

New Orleans reaches settlements for police shootings after Hurricane Katrina in lawsuits over deadly police shootings following Hurricane Katrina. tried on charges related to the death of. Causes of Police Brutality The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which struck the Gulf Coast on August 29,is a recent historical example of complete and total anarchy in a major U.S.

city. During the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans and the surrounding areas, many police fled town and of those who stayed some officers participated in. Hurricane Katrina survivor "Mama D" Dyan French, who remained in New Orleans during and after the disaster, gestures as she describes incidences of what she says was police brutality against.

The deaths caused by hurricane katrina and police brutality in america
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