The different language of the anglo saxon poetry

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Anglo-Norman language

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The Middle Ages

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Anglo-Saxon History and Old English Language and Literature' - lorie An Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation. Anglo-Saxon History and Old English Language and Literature. THE ANGLO SAXON PERIOD.

the beginning.

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the arrival of the anglo saxons in britain signaled the beginning. 1 There is no argument that English contains less than a fair share of French and Latinate words in its vocabulary; of course it does, which one would expect given the invasion of William the Conqueror (from Normandy, in France).

But, as a linguistics professor once put it, "Think of the English language like a house: the decor is French, but the.

As a language, Anglo-Saxon, or Old English, was very different from modern English. It had grammatical gender, declensions, conjugations, tense-forms, and case-endings. The language flourished in England until the Norman conquest, when French became for a time the language of the court and of literature.

Want a list of examples of Anglo-Saxon words and Latinate words? Wikipedia saves the day. Watch and listen to Latinate diction from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and a mix of Latinate and Anglo-Saxon diction from The Dead Poets Society. Anglo-Saxon art before the time of Alfred (ruled –) is a mixture of Anglo-Saxon and Celtic techniques and styles.

The Sutton Hoo treasure is an excellent example of very early Anglo-Saxon metalwork and jewellery. For guidance on many different aspects of Anglo-Saxon England, including archaeology, history, language and literature, and material culture, see the separate entries (each with its own mini bibliography) in the Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Anglo-Saxon England (A).

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