The sacred and the profane in paolo veroneses version of the wedding at cana

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Italy, in the context of the building of sacred edifices, espe- cially the great cathedral churches and sanctuaries (fig. 14) In Tuscany, cathedral construction was coordinated within. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. “The Marriage in Cana,” at the Salute, has all his characteristic and fascinating unexpectedness—the sacrifice of the figure of our Lord, who is reduced to the mere final point of a clever perspective, and the free, joyous presentation of all the other elements of the feast.

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Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence

The fourth was nomenclature and ceremonial: the Society’s Archmaster and its ceremony for introducing new members. both sacred and profane. founded in and dedicated to .

The sacred and the profane in paolo veroneses version of the wedding at cana
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