The thin line between an enthusiastic pastime and an obsession

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Rolex Biography of Philipp Stahl The thin line between Passion and Obsession UPDATE: April After already having unique visitors now on RPR (RolexPassionReport) in the short time i’m online, I like to thank Rolex SA as being my top number 1. A thin line of compact bone in the epiphysis of a mature bone is called the ___.

epiphyseal line The cylindrical space within the diaphysis of a long bone is called the ___.

96: Essentialism and Finding Your ONE Thing

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A pleasant romantic lemon for Lelouch and Nunnally. Not a lot of those around. So sad for Shirley 'though! Would have been a fun read to have an intelligent and.

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It’s okay to get upset or even completely unglued over the the sad state of this planet and the people in it every once in a while.

Acknowledge how you feel. A Sainted Stoic: Finding Seneca in his Medieval and Renaissance Afterlife Sponsored by the Society for the Study and Appreciation of Seneca the Younger Despite having mixed appraisal in his own day and by later authors, Seneca the Younger achieved a status as a sort of pagan saint in the Middle Ages.

Overstepping your Passion? The Science of Obsession The thin line between an enthusiastic pastime and an obsession
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Overstepping your Passion? The Science of Obsession – Harvard Science Review