The two different sides of grendel in beowulf by john gardner

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Grendel vs. Beowulf Comparison Essay Sample

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What are some major differences between John Gardner's novel Grendel and the epic Beowulf?

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Science fiction news with a science review plus forthcoming UK Science Fact and Science Fiction book releases for the Autumnalso Eurocon / Worldcon fandom, SF author & book trade news. - Grendel One of the most compelling and highly developed characters in the novel Grendel, written by John Gardner, and the poem Beowulf, written by an anonymous poet, is the monster, Grendel.

Even though these pieces show two different sides to Grendel they are similar in many ways. The word for “deities,” "Déiwōs" (sing. Déiwos) "the shining ones," or "the celestial ones." This leaves no doubt both as to how the Proto-Indo-Europeans had of them and where they believed they dwelt.

Grendel has this revelation while the bull attaks him in Chapter bull assails Grendel mindlessly, never changing its tactics even though it is getting nowhere with its assault.

The two different sides of grendel in beowulf by john gardner
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